All Shinnova projects are backed by a $2M general Liability policy

Performant Efficiency

Innergy® Rigid Thermal Reinforcements are advanced fiber glass reinforced resin inserts, designed to slide easily into energy-efficient window and door frame chambers for greater support and insulation.


The result is a new, more energy-efficient system with all the strength and structural reinforcement of aluminum, but with a whole new set of high performance benefits.

Performant Durability

SunShield® is a proprietary high-performance vinyl compound developed by the material scientists at Deceuninck North America. SunShield is uniquely formulated and laboratory-proven to perform better than alternative building materials.


SunShield ensures long-lasting color retention and low maintenance, plus the added confidence of a lifetime warranty against rotting, cracking, pitting, corroding and peeling.

Shinnova Solara® Vinyl Windows and Doors are produced with the highest standards of design engineering and product performance.

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